Steel recycling and why it's the way forward.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint here are Metal Office and are always looking for new and sustainable ways of doing so. Recycling plays a big part of our production process; around 60% of our sheet steel comes from recycled material. And when steel can be recycled indefinitely, it makes green sense to increase our efforts in this area; one of which being to provide a recycling programme for our customers in the very near future. (Follow us to be the first to hear about it).

There are several key benefits to the recycled steel industry - all of which are geared to reduce emissions and environmental impact. They can also save money - a must in today's economy. For more information on this topic click the link to see how the steel industry is changing and what businesses can do to lead the global charge on net zero.

Remaking steel for a net zero carbon circular economy | The Bartlett - UCL – University College London

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