Sustainability Leader of the Year opinion piece on localised supply chains

Made in Britain's Sustainability Leader of the Year (2022) and CEO of British ecological cleaning products manufacturer Delphis Eco, Mark Jankovich has written an opinion piece for SG Voice on why localised supply chains are key to companies achieving their sustainability goals:

  • As companies make environmental pledges, one key strategy gaining traction is the development of localised supply chains.
  • They are supported and welcomed by consumers due to their environmental and social benefits.
  • Although it can be a challenging task, with careful planning and execution, companies can successfully transition to localised supply chains.

Mark also notes that: "The work of associations such as Made in Britain, whose members display the Made in Britain collective mark on their goods and packaging, helps businesses and consumers instantly recognise a British product."

Read his full article.

By Made in Britain 1 year ago | By Made in Britain

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