Sustainable Packaging Manufacturer the PALLITE® Group…. New Machine to meet Customer Demand

PALLITE®, the award-winning international designer and manufacturer of 100% sustainable products for storage, logistics and packaging has invested in new machinery to meet customer demand.

‘As a company we are growing at over 60% year on year, the breadth of our product range, all produced from our honeycomb paper cardboard, has grown and customer demand across our 3 business units has never been higher. To ensure we continue to meet this demand we needed to act quickly, installing a new mezzanine floor at our UK manufacturing facility in January provided more space for stock but we needed more manufacturing capacity.

To complement our existing range of conversion machinery we took the decision to invest in an ultra-modern, high-capacity slitter machine.  This machine is perfect for low cost, fast turnaround of   simple packaging components such as inserts, edge protectors and bearers all of which are in high demand.

Even before the recent introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax we were seeing more and more businesses transitioning to our sustainable alternatives.  We are now in a great position to be able to produce these simple products with relatively low minimum order quantities at extremely competitive & cost-effective price points.’ Said Iain Hulmes, CEO of the PALLITE® Group. 

The PALLITE® Group manufacturer a range of sustainable products including paper honeycomb layer board as an alternative to MDF and wood and EcoLITE as a replacement for expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polyethylene (PE) foam.  Made from 100% recycled fibre, and 100% recyclable at the kerbside, EcoLITE is ideal for use as a void filler, bearer, edge protector or to act as a wraparound solution. Available in 15mm, 18mm, 25mm and 50mm thicknesses as standard, PALLITE® have an inhouse team of designers able to produce a packaging solution specific to customer products.

Visit the PALLITE® Group stand at Packaging Innovations to view their full range of sustainable products or contact them to discuss your storage, logistics or packaging requirements.

Find out more about PALLITE® Group (The Alternative Pallet Company Ltd) on their member profile page here

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