Synoptic Software attains accreditation to Made in Britain

Synoptic Software is a British software company based in London that specialises in applying cutting-edge technical solutions to the challenges faced by education providers, businesses and across government. Synoptic Software has now attained accreditation to the Made in Britain organisation.

Synoptic Software says its mission is to help unlock the economy whilst continuing to manage the risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring that businesses and schools can continue to operate in a safe and manageable way. Engaging closely with government guidance and systems ensures that Synoptic Software’s products support UK priorities and help protect the NHS.

Synoptic Software is currently trialling its Reactivate app in schools in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough as well as in large businesses and is working closely with private UK registered testing laboratories to ensure the app can be made available across the country and tests can be ordered directly from the app. The Reactivate app will enable those in the education sector, businesses and individuals to accurately monitor when someone falls ill, identify those potentially at risk and put safeguarding measures in place to mitigate this risk so that the workplace can continue to function.  

Founder and chief executive of Synoptic Reactivate, Graeme Scott told Made in Britain, “We are proud to be a British company supporting businesses and schools get back to work, helping unlock the UK’s economic recovery, while helping to stop the spread of the virus. The fact that we are Made in Britain means our customers know that our Reactivate app works with highest UK requirements and seamlessly integrates with UK health systems, organisations and businesses.”

The company will be using the official Made in Britain mark its website and its social media platforms. Find out more about Synoptic Software from its members’ directory profile page here and its website here.

By Made in Britain 11 months ago | Members' news

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