Technoturn steps up its automation programme with new Matsuura MAM72-35V

Success through technology
Throughout 2021 and 2022, Techno Group continue to make significant investment in developing their processes, equipment and team, continually improving and diversifying our offering to existing and prospective clients.

Part of our investment strategy focusses on adopting the latest advancements in manufacturing technology, which help us maintain our position as one of the UKs market leaders in Precision Engineered Solutions.

Why is automation so important to Techno Group?
Automation is vital part of driving down costs, increasing efficiency and improving both customer and employee satisfaction. Automation reduces the time, effort and cost involved in the manufacturing processes, whilst ensuring each operation is performed consistently to the highest quality standards.

Automation, in whichever method you choose to adopt it, offers so many benefits especially in the post-COVID era where we see many economies struggling. The successful organisations will be those who have adopted change to become more agile, cost-efficient and resilient in a time where the market forecasts are based on little more than intuition.

Why did Technoturn choose the Matsuura MAM72-35V?
The Matsuura MAM72-35V (affectionately known as ‘the MAM’) is a market leader for high precision unmanned 5 axis machining. Boasting 32x pallets, it offers invaluable flexibility, whether manufacturing 32x multiples of the same part, 32x completely different parts, or some combination of the 2, completely automated and unmanned.

Not only does the MAM have more pallets than other machines currently in use by Techno Group, but it also utilises a number of advanced features such as Direct Drive Linear Motors and glass scales, resulting in faster, more accurate operation and a significant reduction in non-cutting time. Furthermore, it is designed to fully support IoT trends with the advanced RiMM software allowing actual machine performance to be analysed to ensure we are optimising this very impressive machine to its full potential.

“Continued expansion into automation and digitalisation, as well as ongoing investment in technology are enabling us to meet our ambition of becoming the UK’s leading Precision Engineering solutions provider. Producing the highest quality components and assemblies, whilst offering a multitude of specialist finishing options from our high-tech facilities has become the pride of all who work for Techno Group.”
Jonathan Hawkins
Technoturn Operations Director

Automation offered by the 32 pallet system is an obvious feature of this high-performance machine, but equally as important is it’s capablity when maching a wide range of materials (plastics, non-ferrous metals, high-performance steels and titanium to name a few) whilst producing exceptionally high levels of quality, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With simultaneous 5-axis machining capabilities, the Matsuura also produces impressive surface finishes whilst maintaining incredible accuracy.  All of these benefits have a positive impact on quality, lead-time and cost- crucial to ensuring the needs of our customers are repeatedly met.

This investment builds on the progress made by Technoturns previous machining centre investment, the Matsuura MX330, which revolutionised the way we schedule and execute operations in this department. With 10 pallets, the MX330 allowed Technoturn to optimise our production schedule, maximising unmanned running, improving efficiency whilst keeping costs to a minimising inventory and over-production. Recognising that the MAM’s 32x pallets are a leap forward from the MX330’s 10x pallets, you can forgive us for getting very excited about the benefits that this new machine will bring to the organisation.

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