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The last few years have been a turbulent time for British industry. Brexit, the pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine have brought huge pressures for UK businesses.

Now in the midst of the cost-of -living crisis, inflation is at its highest in 40 years. There has never been a more prudent time to buy British.

Flying the flag for British manufacturing is what we do. This Buy British Day we thought we’d let you in to our production facility in Lancashire. Find out more about how we make our flagship product – The Easy-Trim Dry Fix Ridge Kit.

We launched the Ridge F Kit in 2012, and now produce several hundreds of thousands per year!

The main component and star of the show is our ventilated ridge roll. Produced in our Lancashire facility, we slit, crimple, and bond powder coated aluminium to a hydrophobic central mesh. Following this process, a butyl adhesive strip is pumped to the underside of the crimpled aluminium, the mesh is double stitched to provide extra durability and the roll is cut to length and rolled. The ridge roll line was designed and built by us in the UK.  Run by three skilled technicians it produces the highest quality roll. 

Each of our ridge kits contain the correct number of clips and screws needed for that ridge length. The packing of these was a laborious and time-consuming task. Our production operatives were delighted with the installation of an automated component counter. The machine weighs and counts the correct number of fixings, then bags and seals them.  This eradicates errors and speeds up the process at the same time. We’ve never looked back.

Ridge tile unions are also produced in-house at our state-of-the-art injection moulding facility. Made from high grade polypropylene for durability, they don’t weaken or crack when flexed. The universal nature of our union and ratchet system makes them suitable for most tile types. Having passed the quality checklist, the unions are ready to be packed.

Innovation and technology are the key to the future of British Manufacturing. The introduction of our robot packing station was a real game changer, providing significant efficiencies, enhanced quality control and reducing lead times whilst ensuring perfect boxes on a perfect pallet, every time.

5 Reasons to Buy British

• Superior quality products
• Supporting the British economy. 
• A lower carbon footprint.
• Protection from currency fluctuations. 
• Shorter lead times.

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