The Safety Letterbox Company Launches another secured by design product to the market

For over 35 years, The Safety Letterbox Company has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying mailboxes and parcel boxes from their UK factory in South Wales. The Safety Letterbox Company has released another mailbox that complies with the TS009 standard required by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative, to meet its Police Preferred Specification. 

The Research and Development team at The Safety Letterbox Company are always pushing the manufactory boundaries when it comes to creating new products that would disrupt the industry. The Safety Letterbox company is the only business to have two Secured by Design mailboxes that meet the TS009 standard. 

The Safety Letterbox Company has been working hard to develop a mailbox that is certified to the Door and Hardware Federation’s Technical Specification 009 (TS009) – the security standard required by Secured by Design to deter and reduce crime – and provides the market with a commercially viable solution.

The mailbox, SLB 2021 Horizontal Mailbox (TS009) is an example of a product developed to suit the very real requirements of our clients in compliance with the standard. The TS009H is also recognised by the Police Service for achieving Police Preferred Specification after going through a rigorous process of security testing, is horizontal and suitable for both internal and external use. Unlike our original TS009, the TS009H can be banked. The focus of the product was not to merely produce a mailbox that ticked the standard, but complies with the TS009:2019 Standards, but is also lighter in weight, more affordable and has maximum security through a clever design. 

The TS009H is a heavy-duty robust mailbox that can be wall mounted and banked. It’s a long-lasting mailbox that has 8-point locking options protecting consumers’ mail and identity. The 8-point locking door is fitted with a Union Key Prime Lock Certified to EN1303:2015 for extra security. Similar to the original TS009 the TS009H features anti-theft features of the mailbox ensuring that mail cannot be ‘fished’ out of the aperture. 

The TS009H is a very versatile product and our first secured-by-design mailbox that can be wall mounted and banked together. These mailboxes are also suitable for internal and external use giving contractors and designs more freedom into creating a secure mail area for their residents. The mailboxes can also be customised by polyester powder coating and adding identification tags. 

Alison Orrells CEO and Managing Director of The Safety Letterbox Company said:

“The Safety Letterbox Company TS009 horizontal mailbox is designed to produce a bankable Secured by Design product suitable for arranging in multiples for on or in the wall and freestanding. It provides the ultimate security with multiple hidden measures, rigorously tested and 3rd party certified by Certisecure, all whilst maintaining the appearance of an understated mailbox. We are proud to launch this product to the market, created with a firm understanding of the commercial needs in our market, coupled with the primary function of designing out crime. 100% manufactured in the UK”.

Keith Jones – Technical Operations Manager of The Safety Letterbox Company also added: 

“The TS009h follows in the footsteps of our TS009v mailbox, the new horizontal version can be stacked vertically and horizontally to form banks of mailboxes. It has passed the same rigorous physical testing as the original model and is fully certified.”

Check out The Safety Letter Box website or social media pages to find out what they have chosen for their next release in the CPD series. 

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