Tough steel drawer to bump your grinds into

CELEBRATING 100 years of stainless steel manufacturing in Leeds this year, Made in Britain member Pland has attributed its longevity to being able to flex to the markets and adapt its product range to customers’ constantly changing needs.

This latest product from Pland illustrates this perfectly. The demand for more ‘proper’ coffee shows no signs of slowing down, with coffee shops opening up everywhere. But we’re not just drinking premium coffee when we’re out-and-about, we’re getting serious about our beans and grinds at home, too.

One of the problems with espresso machines is disposing of the grinds after you’ve brewed your coffee. Baristas make a big show (and lots of noise) whacking the portafilter against something to dislodge the used grinds but most general waste bins are not designed for such abuse.

So along comes Pland with its sturdy Narino coffee knock-out drawer, made out of tough stainless steel, with a replaceable polyurethane knock out bar that protects the portafilter from damage during the tapping.

The Narino measures 383mm x 250mm x 85mm, so a Fracino’s Piccino single group domestic machine would sit on top of it. Used coffee grinds can be emptied as necessary for recycling. Apparently, coffee grinds are excellent for bulking out compost in the garden.

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