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As our customers will know, our thermal vacuum chambers are very flexible in terms of temperature ranges, thermal exchange plates and instrumentation they can be fitted with. We design and build our chamber systems ourselves so we are able to break them down and re-configure or upgrade them when required.

Since we commissioned TVAC#2  in 2018 we have been planning to install a custom shroud to improve thermal performance for larger items under test (both monitored vacuum bakeout and thermal vacuum cycling tests). Due to demand for the vacuum chamber, we have had to delay this work until now. Final fitting and testing will take place over the next few weeks.

We are also currently underway with several close match solar simulator builds. It's always great when we are contacted by new customers who want to buy our solar simulators, but we are also very appreciative of our repeat customers and we are extremely pleased to be building systems for both situations right now.

Our standard range of Unisim solar simulators can be built with varying number of spectral zones and beam configurations. Our smaller Unisim Compact solar simulator can also be built with various aspects included/excluded to the customer's specification. Infrared boost zones, SMU and AM1.5 filter units can all be easily fitted at a later date if required.

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