Two exciting new series from Made in Britain's news team

THERE'S nothing we enjoy more than sharing your good news stories, here on the Made in Britain website and out there in the press and broadcast media through our PR team.

Despite, or maybe because of, 2020 being such a tumultuous year, Made in Britain has had more success in getting its messages out than ever before. We have seen members appearing on the main BBC 1 evening news, interviewed by the Times, featured in the Daily Express and popping up in countless regional and specialist publications all year long.

We can only do this for you if you tell us your stories and to help you spot a good news story when you see it, we've launched two new occasional series of articles. The first is Testimonial and this where we would like you to tell us about a supplier you have worked with, who you would recommend to other Made in Britain members. You can read an example here, which includes all the information about how to put forward one of your suppliers. They don't have to be Made in Britain members.

The second series of articles is called Silver Lining and it tells the stories of how members have used creativity, imagination, courage and persistence to achieve a good outcome. This instalment tells how a Nottinghamshire furniture-maker teamed up with a university to make amazing things happen. Again the article includes advice on how to nominate your company for a Silver Lining article.

You can even publish your stories yourselves by going to your Made in Britain member account and from the Your Public Profile page, click My News Editor. And if you need any help with any of this, you can always email for guidance. 

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