UK’s construction sector won’t reach net-zero without circular economy focus

A new report released today by Green Alliance, an independent think tank and charity, claims that the adoption of a circular economy will be essential for the UK construction sector to reach net zero by 2050. 
We know that the construction sector is heavily reliant on raw materials – more so than any other sector in the UK. It’s also the sector which produces the most waste and produces around a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions. 
There is a significant need to overhaul the sector, to create one which reuses resources, avoids unnecessary waste and supports higher productivity. Doing so would drastically reduce the environmental footprint of the sector. 
The latest Green Alliance report, 'Circular construction: building for a greener UK economy', captures the views of industry experts, who claim that the sector already has the technology and techniques, it just needs support to deliver. 
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By Made in Britain 1 year ago | Environmental & Social Value

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