Water Kinetics Ltd joins Made in Britain

Inspired by penguins to provide safe water through a single pipe system which keeps hot water hot and cold water cold: Water Kinetics Ltd joins Made in Britain.

Water Kinetics Ltd manufacture the Eco-Duo pipe-within-a-pipe system that they say is a game changer in the world of potable water recirculation systems: saving money, saving the environment, and reducing the build-up of dangerous pathogens ultimately saving lives. Water Kinetics Ltd manufacture their products in a facility just outside of Glasgow.  Water Kinetics was founded in 2019 after the Founding Director, Maxwell Bridges, became inspired by watching a documentary on penguins and their ability to stay warm in the Antarctic. Penguins have an ingenious system working within their feet, which creates a counter current heat exchange from the blood travelling to their feet which then warms their blood up as it travels back to their heart, ensuring an even temperature throughout their body. Maxwell thought that if it can work for blood vessels then it could work for pipework systems. After much trial, error, testing and thought, the world’s first single-pipe recirculation system was born.

The unique benefits of the product have not been overlooked as Water Kinetics is up for two innovation awards. The Innovation of the Year Award from the National Building and Construction Awards and the Technical Innovation of the Year Award from the Building Controls Industry.

Jonathan Waggott, Managing Director of Water Kinetics Ltd, said “As our pipework system gets installed across the UK, we will see a revolution of our water systems within buildings. By showing pride in being 100% Made in Britain, clients will be sure of the excellence of our product.”  

Water Kinetics Ltd will use the official Made in Britain Mark on their website, social media posts and on products. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here.

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