Wavestore v6.34: Unleashing Advanced Search, PTZ Operation Logging for Security System Operators and Introducing the new Wavestore Vision IP camera range


Discover the power of colour-based video analytics search and gain insights into PTZ user operation with Wavestore v6.34 seamlessly with our enhanced UI and range of Wavestore Vision IP cameras - read more and watch the launch webinar here.

Providing solutions for a world we can't yet see, the Wavestore journey towards a truly intelligent VMS continues with the much-anticipated release of v6.34 as we enhance our platform and make life easier for operators to make rapid, informed and high-quality decisions based on their video data.


Introducing Wavestore v6.34: Advanced Analytics, PTZ Logging for Enhanced Security Operations and the all-new Wavestore Vision camera range

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Wavestore v6.34, the latest version of our intelligent video management software, specifically designed to empower surveillance system operators. Building on the features, benefits, and operational impact of the current Wavestore solution, this new release brings even more capabilities to streamline your surveillance operations and give you more control over your video management system.


Colour-based Video Analytics Search

With Wavestore v6.34, you can now search and find objects based on their colour in addition to their classification, such as person or vehicle using Wavestore’s advanced analytics capabilities. This cutting-edge feature lets you retrospectively identify and follow subjects of interest based on attributes quickly, making finding critical footage during investigations simpler than ever. This added capability significantly reduces the time spent reviewing video and helps operators make informed decisions rapidly.


Enhanced User Interface & Deployment

Wavestore v6.34 also brings refinements to the user interface, making it even easier to access and use the features and take advantage of Wavestore’s client benefits. Operators can now enjoy an even better seamless experience, including performance improvements to the find screen, playback search, and advanced search of event annotations.  Changes made to the system configuration using the powerful Configuration Editor tool are now automatically captured in the system log, giving a complete record of what changes were made, when, and who made them.

Each feature allows system users to focus on monitoring, securing, and improving their environment in a scalable and effective way. And it’s even easier to get your system focused on those key areas that allow you to make powerful decisions quickly.  6.34 server improvements enhance the performance of the Find screen, while the comprehensive SNMP reporting capability now includes motion detection state. We’ve also removed limits on static IP routes and made them easier to be configured, now from within the WaveView client setup screens. System reliability when using external storage devices has been enhanced with improved reconnection to iSCSI devices, and we have added support for NASv2 – further extending our application range.


PTZ User Operation Logging

To provide a comprehensive view of camera usage, Wavestore v6.34 introduces PTZ user operation logging. This searchable log allows system auditors to identify when PTZ cameras have been controlled and, more importantly, by which operator. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can optimize your security operations and ensure that your system is being used correctly and following policies.

 Wavestore Vision IP Cameras

We’re also introducing our range of high-performance Wavestore Vision IP cameras, with models to meet most application requirements, including 2MP, 5MP, 4K, 360°,Multi-Sensor, and Thermal in Dome, Bullet and Fisheye forms. AI models run Wavestore Deep-Learning Object and People Tracking video analytics. Harness our exceptional event accuracy and highly detailed forensic search using the intuitive WaveView Smart Search capability to find the video you need quickly and effortlessly.


Wavestorev6.34 adds to our recently released features, including:

  • HotSpots: Simplifying subject tracking for operators
  • Enhanced video analytics capabilities with Wavestore Analytics servers
  • Easy Review of Incidents: Facilitating incident reviews and evidence collection
  • New Layouts Browser tab: Enabling easy switching between layouts for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Wavestore Health Monitor: Providing proactive system monitoring and issue detection.

Innovation is at the core of what we do. We empower people, businesses, and society to see the world differently by making our unique core features accessible.

An insight into Wavestore's Core Features

  • EcoStore™: Saves up to 80% of hard drive energy with our unique spin-down technology, reducing energy costs while supporting sustainability goals.
  • Cause & Effect Event Engine: Configure powerful event rules across your connected devices and systems, streamlining the management of events and responses.
  • Intelligent Failover: Ensures your system is always online without manual intervention, reducing downtime and maintaining the integrity of your surveillance operation.
  • HyperRAID™ Plus: Achieve leading throughput and up to N+5 redundancy with standard recording hardware, ensuring data protection and reliability.
  • LASS (Large Allocation Storage System): Provides a robust and reliable file system for high-volume data storage.
  • Lip Synchronised Audio: Ensures perfect audio-video synchronization for cameras with built-in microphones.
  • PetaBlok®: Offers vast storage capabilities, supporting up to 2.04 Petabytes per server and over 520 Petabytes per server group.
  • Dewarping: Converts fisheye lens images to a regular perspective for improved situational awareness.
  • Instant Playback: Enables quick and accurate video review with its logarithmic search bar.
  • Multiscreen Smart Search: Searches across screens and different data types, enabling fast and efficient identification of items of interest.

Are you ready to move to Wavestore v6.34?

Falling behind the technological curve can leave your surveillance operations prone to inefficiencies and potential blind spots.‍

Upgrading to Wavestore v6.34 is not just an improvement to deliver exceptional performance, innovative features,and user-friendly operation for security system operators – it's an essential step towards proactive surveillance management, ensuring that your system remains robust, future-ready, and capable of handling emerging threats and challenges.

See the future of surveillance today. Upgrade to Wavestore v6.34 and experience next-level capabilities that empower you to improve your operations.


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