We have a Downer Hot Air Balloon ride winner! Congratulations Vivalda!

'Thank you!'

Thank you to everyone that took part in Architectural Panel Solutions and Swisspearl United Kingdom's creative tangram competition at RCI Show. We had some very 'interesting' creations. But there were clearly those who were head and shoulders above the rest. 

Congratulations to Michael Brookman, VIVALDA whose splendid forest scene and 3D building has put us in the Christmas spirit already - you have won a hot air balloon ride for two and we will be in touch today! 

And winner on day two, (with a design that impressively used up every single facade sample) is Paul Austin of Juniper Training Ltd, who won a Chrono AG, Delux Swisspearl chrome watch. 

Congratulations to all, from all of us! 🙌 

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Keep watching so we can see him take to the skies! We're looking forward to it. 


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