Welcome to our Machinist Apprentices

We are delighted to be welcoming Ben to the team as Mechanical/Aerospace CNC Machinist Apprentices. Ben will be completing his Apprenticeship with us while going to Reading college 2 days a week.

Ben has been with us for six months now, we have asked him some questions about his time with us so far.

What brought you to apply for Mechanical/Aerospace CNC Machinist Apprenticeship?

The application for an Apprenticeship role at Sensing Precision immediately attracted me. It told me of a specialised and successful company that I would be able to learn and gain vital experience. Having looked further into the products made by Sensing Precision I learnt they are the original manufactures of the Wilson flowgrid, this encouraged me to apply.

What’s your key role and responsibilities?

My role is based on the Machinist Apprenticeship, I have been learning both manual and CNC Lathes as well as milling and drilling. After sanding and deburring fabricated parts, I make sure they are checked to a good standard. I also construct boxes to fit our bespoke products and pack them, ensuring the products will be delivered undamaged.

What do you most enjoy about Mechanical/Aerospace engineering?

I have particularly enjoyed working on the CNC, using it to produce parts for products such as shaping noses for pitot’s. Learning more about the CNC has allowed me to gain confidence and has given me more responsibility. I also enjoy the hands-on aspect of using the other machinery and tools. Along with putting what I learn from college into practice.

How do you feel you have progressed over the past months?

From not having any experience in the engineering industry, I feel I have progressed really well and have learnt vital new skills from my Machinist Apprenticeship. The whole team are really friendly and are eager to help and show me the ropes.

We are delighted to have Ben as a Machinist Apprentices and look forward to him learning new skills from our experienced engineers, along with learning more about the engineering industry.

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