Westo Tech Talks: Just One Example of Westomatics' Expanding Customer Resources

During this strange year of change and re-evaluation, here at Westomatic, we’ve spent a lot of time going back to basics. There’s no question that the vending industry has taken a hit over the last 12 months – and there’s no certainty of how things will recover. All we can do is try and find new ways to future-proof.

As part of this process, at the start of the year, we created the position of Head of Technical, to ensure all our machines come with the best possible service as standard. Consequently, Adam Burtenshaw joined the business. An electrical engineer by trade, Adam brought with him nine years of vending knowledge: a comprehensive back catalogue of experience gleaned from working with a major national operator and with machine manufacturers.

As part of the technical overhaul, we realised that we have a wealth of knowledge here at Westomatic. Some team members have been with us for 40+ years. We wanted to find a way to harness that and share it with our customers. So, ‘Westo Tech Talks’ was born.

Westo Tech Talks are designed not only to provide new content for our customers every fortnight but also to build a reference library that can be accessed at any time via our YouTube Channel. It’s been a great success already, and we have plans for it to grow and evolve as we go along. We want our customers to have a really simple and accessible guide to help them solve issues on site. Some of our guides will be specific “how-to” videos;  others are designed to give engineers ongoing training.

Our first two talks were aimed at getting back to work, getting machines ready for the ‘Great British reopening’, and ensuring engineers and technicians have all the right tools to hit the ground running. Our latest talk is a short video designed to show you how easy it is to care for our fridges on site. Westo Tech Talks are just one element of our technical overhaul: it’s our long-term goal to provide a full library of videos, manuals and parts. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Adam oversees a technical team that filters through the whole manufacturing process. He also works alongside the design team to find workable solutions to functionality issues. This pandemic has made getting parts delivered a challenging process – lead times are long. Workable solutions are vital! ‘Quality in everything we do’. That’s always been key to Westomatic’s success, so we’ve had to find new ways to adapt during COVID times.

We love how reliable our machines are – but inevitably, things will, occasionally, go wrong. We’re here to support the process – our engineers are just a phone call or a visit away. However, during this last year, where people have been forced to stay at home or stay local, technology has come into its own. We have remained open for (almost) the entire time, determined to provide support for our customers, who are providing much-appreciated solutions to key workers.

Now, as we start to filter back to normality, we want to keep the momentum going. Next week will be an exciting one – we are very much looking forward to Virtual Vendex and will be available all week in our showroom to talk about our exciting range.

At Westomatic, we’re determined to keep making a difference – I’m sure many businesses have used this time to look within, and we are no exception. We are proud to have weathered this storm and feel confident that we have created a strong platform as lockdown eases.

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