What are the benefits of lighting controls?

Lighting controls do much more than enhance energy efficiency. They can lower carbon emissions, reduce energy costs, extend luminaire lifecycles, respond to occupants, ensure safe lux levels are delivered and overall, simply enhance the usability of the building.  Since the demand for lighting controls is continuing to increase, we felt it was necessary to shine some lights on the benefits of implementing lighting controls into your project.

Lower carbon emissions & energy costs

Lighting alone contributes for up to 40% of a building’s electricity use, not only is this expensive but also is environmentally unfriendly. The implementation of lighting controls prevents luminaires from being left on unnecessarily, as a result, clients can expect significant reductions in carbon emissions and their overall energy costs.

Extend luminaire lifecycles

 Some lighting controls consider the amount natural daylight within an area and adjust the artificial light accordingly, whereas others simply ensure that areas are only illuminated when presence is detected. Either way, lighting controls prevent luminaires being switched on unnecessarily for long periods of time which in turn extends the luminaire lifecycle and reduces maintenance costs.

 Safe & secure lux levels

Lighting controls dynamically manage the luminaire power and ensures that the right level of light appears at the right place and only when required. Adequate lighting is important for the safety of occupants, with lighting controls clients can be assured that their luminaires are delivering the correct and safe illumination levels.

Steon's Manual Intelligent Controls (MIC®)

MIC 1 - A versatile and cost-effective OFF-ON-OFF energy saving control system.  (Watch the MIC 1 video here)

MIC 2 - A DIM-ON-DIM control system which reduces energy consumption whilst providing some level of illuminance for extra safety. (Watch the MIC 2 video here)

MIC 3 - The most flexible energy saving control with an OFF-ON-DIM-OFF function permitting optimal light management. (Watch the MIC 3 video here)

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