Wired Broadcast Ltd joins Made in Britain

Manufacturing the Mediaport range of mobile multi-WAN / SDWAN routers that combine multiple cellular networks (plus any other available internet connection) to provide secure, reliable connectivity at remote location and on the move: Wired Broadcast Ltd joins Made in Britain. 

Wired Broadcast has been active for over 30 years. With a background in broadcast engineering they have engineered hundreds of live broadcasts from more than 20 countries and on all continents (apart from Antarctica).  Ten years ago the Company began manufacturing their own products to improve the reliability of internet connectivity at remote sites for their broadcast customers.  Reliable remote connectivity is of course a pre-requisite for many activities, not just broadcasting, and for many a connection that works first time is "mission-critical".  As a result of developing the Mediaport range, Wired Broadcast’s customer base has diversified significantly beyond broadcasting and media, and today it includes multiple disciplines including construction, events, transportation and insurance, but with a particular focus on public utilities, law-enforcement and the military. Wired Broadcast export worldwide and have specialist distributors in the USA, Canada and Australia

Johnnie Dymock, Founder and CEO, said “Our Mediaport multi-WAN routers are designed to provide connectivity for national security and critical infrastructure applications.  Security is very important to our customers and part of the equation is provenance.  The Made in Britain mark is an effective and credible way of us advertising the origin of our technology to our domestic and international customers."

Wired Broadcast will use the Made in Britain mark on their website, products sheets, brochures, presentations, and social media. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here.

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