Acoustic Ceiling Hanger Type ACH

Manufactured by Christie & Grey Limited

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Designed specifically for applications where audible noise attenuation is of most concern, the ACH offers a low cost alternative to larger more traditional spring and rubber hangers.

Primarily used to effectively decouple mass acoustic ceilings from the supporting building structure - thus preventing noise breakout or break-in.

The ACH may also be used to reduce noise transmission from air conditioning equipment suspended in the ceiling void.

Design Features
• High resilience first grade natural rubber elements with deflections up to 3.5 mm.
• Available in two sizes for loads from 5 kg to 100 kg.
• Typical force isolation at maximum load of 44 dB to 46 dB @ 125 Hz .
• Integral failsafe steel overload washers.
• All steel components are zinc plated.
• Capable of 15° angular misalignment.
• Can be fitted into a wire tie, drop rod or a strut type support to an acoustic ceiling.

Typical Applications
• Acoustic Ceilings.
• Pipework.
• Axial Fans and Fan Coil Units.
• Ductwork and Attenuators.
• Air Conditioning Equipment.

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Christie & Grey Limited

Engineering / Components

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