Alupanel Aluminium Composite

Manufactured by Multipanel UK Ltd

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Alupanel® has a 0,3mm Aluminium skin which means it can be easily fabricated, folded and formed, making it suitable for numerous applications including sign making, cabinets, casings and wall cladding.  It’s available in a wide range of colours including a selection of brushed and metallic finishes that produce stunning effects when used for printing.  

Also available is AlupanelFR, a new fire-resistant Aluminium Composite Panel that, thanks to its revolutionary core material, offers several advantages over similar products already in the market. It can be rolled, folded and formed extremely easily, it machines exceptionally well, inflicting less wear on the cutting tools and is considerably lighter than other fire-resistant panels, making it much easier to transport, handle and install.   AlupanelFR is suitable for an immense variety of applications, especially in environments where improved fire classification is required, for example, cladding and signage in public buildings like airports, hospitals and shopping centres as well as exhibition and retail construction.

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Multipanel UK Ltd

Creative Industries

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