Bay Safety System

Manufactured by NDT Electronic Services Ltd

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Additional Sales Information: Prerequisites: Layout diagram of your bay, compound or cabinet; detailing ingress and egress points, internal dimensions and external workstation location. 1 double socket and 1 fused spur required at the workstation. Cable entry points

Product Description

The Bay Safety System is a radiography compound monitoring system.

Its role is to inhibit/cease X-ray or Gamma radiography in the event that: The compound access door(s) are opened, an emergency stop is activated or a warning sign (Annunciator) has malfunctioned. Interface with the equipment under use allows diagnostics and displays the status and error messages.

Systems utilise dual safety circuits and complies with BS EN13849, Performance Level PLe, BS EN62061 SIL3 and Ionising Radiation Regulation 2017 (IRR2017).

System is made up of:

  • ISIS Control Unit
  • Internal and External Annunciators - 3-Way, Fail-Safe, Self-Checking, Maintenance Free
  • Emergency Audio-Visual Alarm
  • Internal Gamma Alarm
  • Internal Emergency Stop System (Lifeline grabwire around perimeter)
  • Interlock Safety Switches on Ingress and Egress Points (door switches)
  • Signage

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NDT Electronic Services Ltd

Engineering / Machinery

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