GS002 Automatic Windout System

Manufactured by NDT Electronic Services Ltd

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Additional Sales Information: Available in 25ft, 35ft and 50ft lengths. To be integrated into your Bay Safety System, details to be provided with order. A universal interface box can be supplied as extra if required.

Product Description

An automated windout system for bay gamma radiography. Fully compatible with QSA Sentinel 880 and Sentry projectors.

As the GS002 is fully integrated with the bay safety system, automatic retraction and prevention helps keep people safe.

The controller can be used to set the exposure time in hours, minutes and seconds, as well as initiating or terminating an exposure. The LCD screen shows users the set exposure time, remaining exposure time, distance the source has travelled, and whether the source is exposed or stored. Status and error messages give a good user experience.

Control Drive Unit houses a maintenance-free, heavy duty motor. It has been designed to operate with the QSA Global Sentinel gearbox and control housings.

Control cables available in 25ft, 35ft and 50ft lengths.

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NDT Electronic Services Ltd

Engineering / Machinery

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