Brick Bolsters

Manufactured by Footprint Tools

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Additional Sales Information: Brick bolsters, from 2 1/4" (57mm) to 4.5" (112mm) in blade width. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Product Description

Drop Hammer Forged from head to blade for superior strength

Hardened and tempered blade for a long cutting life

Domed head to delay the onset of mushrooming / splintering after repeated use as well as prevent the optional hand guard from sliding up and off the handle after repeated blows

Tapered neck to prevent snapping at the weakest point on the Bolster

The 4.5” Brick Bolster blade has additional strengthening ribs downs the sides and the centre for added strength when cutting larger bricks and blocks

Optional high quality EVA plastic hand guard to protect the hand from glanced blows

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Footprint Tools

Building & Construction / Materials

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