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The Footprint sliding bevel (T Bevel) is an essential tool for any woodworker. Sliding bevels are used to check angles, mark joints or mark across boards.

Chemically blued blade to prevent corrosion and provide a long working life
Brass wing nut for easy adjustment
Available in Beechwood, African Rosewood or Walnut.
African Rosewood and Walnut bevels have a brass fitting at the base of the stock for extra durability
Beechwood is a less expensive, slightly lighter wearing and economical alternative to Walnut. As such it is an ideal material for beginners.

African Rosewood is more commonly known as Bubinga. It is a hardwood. This is only available while stocks last as the regulations for Bubinga are making it less cost effective to produce tools with.

Walnut is an alternative to African Rosewood. Walnut is a hardwood and it is not a protected species.

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