Excell Self Priming Jiggle Siphon

Manufactured by Excell Metal Spinning Ltd

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Product Description


Light, compact and easy to store. This Self Priming Jiggle Siphon is a handy, readily available tool that can safely transfer water, fuel, paints and other non-corrosive liquids.

  • The Excell Siphon features an Aluminium Valve hand crafted with love and laser etched with the Made in Britain Mark.
  • The standard hose size is 2m and this can be increased 
  • The standard Excell Siphon is capable of transferring 5 Gallons (22.7 Litres) per minute
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • Pet friendly (It is not recommended to mix fuels and aquarium water / Drinking water when using the same Siphon)

How To Use

  1. Simply submerge the valve into the liquid and ensure that there is a slight curve. Aim the other end into the place you wish to transfer the liquid too. [Please note: The Fluid you wish to Siphon must be placed higher than its final destination, with the valve fully submerged into the liquid]
  2. Shake the valve in an up and down motion to begin Siphoning. Within 5-16 seconds, you should have a flow of liquid running through the Siphon. [Note: when this occurs, you can stop Shaking the Siphon]
  3. To stop the flow, simply remove the valve end out of the liquid
  4. Check out our demonstration video for a visual demonstration of the product in action

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Excell Metal Spinning Ltd

Engineering / Components

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