Flapstopper Inlet Valve

Manufactured by Environmental Innovations

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Product Description

Our typical 304 stainless steel inlet valves are designed to fit within the base of the invert in a chamber from 100mm to 750mm. Our flap assembly blocks and seals the invert when closed by a compressible closed cell gasket which is retained in place by a stainless steel plate.
 Driven by air from the piston, forces the Flapstopper to close and seal the chamber in the event of a surface water spill in under 5 seconds compared to manually operated penstock.

The d-shape profile of our inlet valves are designed to fit in the existing benching alongside the cone sleeve to insert into the drain invert and sealed.

Each automated pollution & firewater containment valve comes with a standard mains powered wall mounted control kiosk to activate our valves. For remote locations, we also offer our floor standing 60W solar control kiosk.  Our Wireless Call Point Upgrade Kit is designed for emergency remote activation,  thanks to our telemetry integration. 

For more information, email enquiries@environmental-innovations.co.uk or call us on 01279 600 440. 

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Environmental Innovations

Engineering / Pollution Monitoring & Control

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