Flapstopper Valve Control Kiosk

Manufactured by Environmental Innovations

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Product Description

Our Flapstopper  valve control kiosks automate our pollution and firewater containment valves from a push of a button.  Our standard control panel is housed in a wall mounted enclosure for local activation where mains power is accessible. For more public areas or areas prone to vandalism, we recommend our floor standing GRP kiosks.

For more remote locations with no mains power, we offer our range of single door and double door 60W solar kiosks with battery back-up to house our control panels.

Our system controls are low voltage and provides health check messages and feedback to a local sites BMS system.  Our control panels are designed to be failsafe, easy to install, operate and safe thanks to the power of compressed air.

For more information, contact us on 01279 600 440 or email us at enquiries@environmental-innovations.co.uk

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Environmental Innovations

Engineering / Pollution Monitoring & Control

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