M-web FWSD Emergency Lighting Central Supervision Unit

Manufactured by P4 LIMITED

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The  M-WEB FWSD Central Supervision Unit, complete with touch screen display and password-controlled access, for local indication and management of the emergency lighting systems.

For wired and wireless communication, expandable with a network of up to 63 Collectors Boxes, the M-WEB FWSD can monitor and control up to 7,875 Wired, and/or 3585 wireless emergency lighting luminaires and signs, significantly reducing infrastructure and installation costs for the end user.

The M-WEB FWSD Fastel Link and Fastel Wireless technology is configured to carry out a weekly functional test and a quarterly full duration test, far exceeding the requirements of EN50172. It stores test results for up to four years, allowing the end user immediate access to test reports to ensure and provide emergency lighting compliance. 

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