Marcy Eco Olympic Weight Plate Range

Manufactured by Pure-Tec Limited

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Unlike other weight plates out there, the Marcy Eco Weight Plates are Made in Britain!

The Olympic Plates have a central diameter of 50 mm, and have been manufactured from a TriGrip mould to make it easier to load and unload your weight plates but also to swap between sets when required during your workout.

While on the surface the Marcy Eco Weight Plates may look no different to what is currently available on the market, it is the materials and unique manufacturing process which really make this weight plate unique and amazing to use.

Marcy Eco Weight Plates are designed to be environmentally sustainability friendly
Made from 97% recycled material which is composed of car engine and car braking parts, Steel from British Manufacturers, Iron, Carbon, ferro-silicon, and manganese
Production process using a 95% electric melting furnace through a high proportion Green energy tariff
Electro-painted finish providing excellent coverage, corrosion resistance and substrate adhesion
3D Scanned and QA inspected for quality approval
Packaging is 100% recyclable and is made from 85% recycled material. The other 15% cardboard is used for reinforcing the box’s structure for protection through packing and delivery stages
The Marcy logo has been redesigned and restructured to new Marcy logo which you can see on the Marcy Eco Weight Plates. This redesigned logo captures and enforces Marcy Eco mission to focus more on sustainable and environmentally sourced fitness equipment 

Everything about these new Marcy Eco Weight Plates screams respect for the environment, from the recycled materials the weight plates are manufactured from, to the packaging, ensuring each order is hand packed to offer a 5* service. They will endure through years of intense training, true PREMIUM hard-wearing cast iron plates but affordable, throwing together strength and the satisfaction of being made locally.

The rigorous manufacturing process not only makes these weight plates really stand out and strong, but also a thinner and densely formed plate, so that you can load more on your barbell.

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Pure-Tec Limited

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