Marsh Ultra:Polylok Sewage Treatment Plants

Manufactured by Marsh Industries Ltd

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Additional Sales Information: The Marsh Ultra:Polylok Range is available to purchase through all local and national builders merchants. Please contact our Sales Office to arrange a site visit or further discuss your requirement. All Marsh Ultra:Polylok treatment plants are

Product Description

Marsh Ultra Polylok commercial sewage treatment plants provide advanced biological treatment to off-mains wastewater on sites ranging from 50-1000PE.

The units are ideally suited for large residential, commercial, industrial and leisure sites – particularly where onerous consent standards preclude the use of standard ‘off the shelf’ units.

Proven reliability of the simple but effective Submerged Aeration Filtration (SAF-MBBR) system offers both operating and financial benefits when compared to more complex alternatives that require frequent servicing and maintenance to sustain performance.

Gaia Sege© Process design software for Ultra:Polylok sewage treatment plants

Developed by Marsh Industries, the unique Gaia Sege process design software uses core information to accurately calculate and tailor key variables, ensuring total optimisation for individual applications.

These precise calculations provide assurance to consultants, engineers, specifiers and contractors that the system is specifically designed to meet the appropriate standards of regulatory bodies.

For Ultra:Polylok sewage treatment plants, the programme employs core process equations to precisely calculate and modify critical variables, ensuring total processing optimisation for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Ammonia (NH4) reduction and removal.

Gaia Sege software also uses ‘British Water Flows & Loads’ data to calculate initial flows and loadings whilst also calculating peak flows and levels.

The programme can also calculate accurate sludge generation and storage on a daily basis, dependent upon final effluent standards required, ensuring the optimisation of primary chambers, individual clarifiers, diffused oxygen feed and final settlement chamber.

Marsh has launched a direct quotation website for the merchant and engineer/specifier; This user-friendly site caters to the design of sewage treatment plants for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.



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