NoisePen Dosemeter - Personal Sound Exposure Meter

Manufactured by Pulsar Instruments Plc

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The NoisePen Dosemeter Personal Sound Exposure Meter allows you to capture, record and calculate workers' noise exposure easily for over 30 hours.

With no cables, displays or controls, and no need for a separate charger or reader unit, the NoisePen from Pulsar Instruments makes it simple to monitor exposure to noise at work over a whole working day or week. This device is fully compliant with noise at work health and safety measurement standards around the world.

This Personal Sound Exposure Meter is a self-contained noise monitor which is ideally suited for 'on-the-go' workers, shift workers, lone workers, confined-space workers and people working in remote areas.


Features of the NoisePen Personal Sound Exposure Meter:

  • No additional reader or charger needed
  • Easy to use, no cables, tamper proof
  • Capture, record and calculate noise exposure data over 30 hours
  • Schedule measurements for up to 28 days in advance
  • Takes accurate measurements over a large dynamic range of 70dB(A) to 140 dB(A)
  • Meets IEC 61252:1993 and ANSI S1.25:1991 standards.

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Pulsar Instruments Plc

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