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The O21-W is a vandal proof, exterior wall light, for illumination around building perimeters, pathways and open spaces, for premises such as schools, offices, hospitals, and warehouses. Highly energy efficient, it offers a wealth of features and options, ensuring you get the exact configuration you require for your project.

There is a Dark Sky-compliant O21-W version that is approved by Dark Sky International

The technical attributes of the O21-W include a quick electrical connection facility for ease of installation, and the compact design allows easy maintenance.

The O21-W’s housing is manufactured from 45% recycled aluminium. A high level of disassembly is possible, ensuring a great degree of circularity and enabling end of life recycling.

O21-W offers a wide range of lumen outputs with its efficient light distribution achieving a wall spacing of 15 metres.

The O21-W’s wireless connectivity offers flexibility and detailed monitoring as part of your wireless lighting system, boasting full control via a hand-held tablet.

O21-W can be configured with microwave, PIR, or daylight detectors.

The O21-W is available with integral emergency and lithium batteries.

O21-W is rated up to IK10 and IP65 depending on the product version, with a choice of different optics.

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