ODFS® Pace

Manufactured by Odstock Medical Limited

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Product Description

A medical electrical stimulator for professional application of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to patients. 
FES can help patients who have reduced movement when walking, especially  due to dropped foot caused by a condition of injury which as affected their brain or spinal cord.

The ODFS® Pace is comprehensive FES tool for neurological rehabilitation. It is designed to be a practical long term assistive device, improving daily mobility, preventing falls and increasing quality of life. It is also a gait reduction tool with programmes to improve:

Dropped foot
Knee extension
Hip extension
Knee flexion in swing
Knee hyperextension at first contact
Push off at terminal stance
Arm swing
The device is triggered by a foot switch, providing highly reliable and precision timing of the stimulation in the gait cycle. The device can also be used as an exercise stimulator for muscle training when not walking and can be used for any upper or lower limb muscle.

The ODFS® Pace is equipped with an activity logger, enabling the user to set activity goals (number footsteps, time used and number of exercise sessions etc.) and monitor their progress. Clinicians can also monitor adherence to the treatment programme.

The ODFS® Pace can be used with “free positioned” electrodes for maximum flexibility and discrete positioning under any choice of clothing or can be used with a leg cuff to give greater enhanced convenience.

Backed by extensive research and national guidelines, the ODFS® Pace provides versatile and flexible solutions, enabling its application over the widest range of disability.

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