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Powertank Water Boosting Systems

The Powertank Slimline range can fit through a standard doorway. This makes it very convenient for new or existing properties as it can be easily fitted under a stairs, in a garage, or in a utility room. The slimline range is ideal for 3 - 5 bedroom houses, with poor water pressure and flow and where floor space is limited. It is electronically controlled, starting and stopping the pump automatically when an outlet is opened and closed.

Key Features
Non-corrosive holding tank (WRAS approved material)
Pre-fitted WRAS approved fill valve
Minimal installation required
Adjustable digital display flow controller (Variable Speed Option)
Dry run protection with auto restart (time delay)
AF Air gap (AB Air gap optional)
Suitable up to Fluid Category 4 (CAT 5 Optional)

Performance Range
Output approx 40 l/min @ 3 Bar - Fixed Speed
Output approx 80 l/min @ 3 Bar - Variable Speed

Range Options
200ltr Slimline Fixed Speed
200ltr Slimline Variable Speed
350ltr Slimline Fixed Speed
350ltr Slimline Variable Speed

System Connections
Inlet: ½” BSP
Outlet: 1” BSP
Overflow: 1 ¼” BSP
Drain Off: 1” BSP

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