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Powertank Water Boosting Systems

The Powertank Industrial range is designed to deliver water to commercial and industrial properties where the existing supply fails to meet demand.

The tank is WRAS approved and manufactured with insulating GRP materials and has a removable lid making it ideal for plant rooms. Fitted as standard with a variable speed controller and AF air gap. These tanks are fitted out individually in-house and are fully customisable.

Key Features
WRAS approved GRP Tank
Fully encapsulated insulation to sides and lid
Close fitting and removable lid
Screened vent and screened overflow unit
BMS connections
AF Air GAP Standard (AB Air GAP Optional)
Suitable for Fluid Category 4 (CAT5 Optional)

Performance Range
Output approx 80 l/min @ 3 Bar - Variable Speed

Range Options as standard
500ltr Industrial
1000ltr Industrial
1500ltr Industrial
2000ltr Industrial
2500ltr Industrial
3000ltr Industrial
4000ltr Industrial
5000ltr Industrial

Larger tank options available on request.

System Connections
Inlet: ¾" BSP
Outlet: 1" Single - 2" Twin - 2" Triple
Overflow: 1 ¼" BSP
Warning Pipe: ¾" BSP

* Larger Inlet Sizes Available On Request

System Type
Single, Twin & Triple pumps systems

Split Tank Options
For applications where access is restricted

CAT5 AB Air Gap
Suitable for applications where increased backflow protection is required such as applications in food washing & packing stations, abattoirs, hygienic rooms, surgeries and laboratories.

Larger Tanks
In addition to our standard tank capacities we can supply larger tanks sizes in excess of 5000ltrs.

Plant Rooms
Plant room systems are available for use in large commercial or industrial applications and can be a cost effective and economical way of protecting and housing booster pump sets, water storage tanks as well as water treatment equipment. For more information please contact us.

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