SEPURA Oil-Water Condensate Separator

Manufactured by Bowman Stor Ltd

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Single-use, quick-fit condensate cleaner for compressed air systems up to 60cfm (1.7m3/min)* 

Only SEPURA gives you this performance from such a small package. 

Our proprietary SILEXA™ filter medium gives
SEP 60 ST the capacity to out- perform separators twice its size. And it’s pure simplicity to install and replace. Just fix the permanent back plate to a wall or compressor cabinet, insert two push-in quick fittings and it starts to protect you - and the environment. 

Oily water in; clean water out. Discharge straight to the sewer with levels as low as 5ppm. 

At the end of its service life, simply remove the push fittings, attach the clip-on lid and plug (provided with the replacement unit) and slide it off the wall plate. Captured oil Is sealed inside the separator, which is now ready for transport and disposal. 

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Bowman Stor Ltd

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