Shipping Container CCTV Kit

Manufactured by Domino Clamps

Product Buying Options

Product Capacity: 200

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Additional Sales Information: The kit comprises of: 2 Domino Clamps, A pair of ACP to Domino adapter plates with M12 x 25mm countersunk screws, Bolts and washers and A wall mounted CCTV tower from Altron’s ACP range.

Product Description

Whether you’re trying to keep an eye on your self storage facility or maintain security overnight on a building site, it’s easy to see why using a shipping container as structural ballast for a CCTV tower would be useful. 

When lifted to height, a CCTV will capture a larger area, providing greater security as it allows visibility of the whole area. In addition this also keeps the camera out of reach and less likely to be tampered with or vandalised. 

Manufacturer Profile

Domino Clamps

Building & Construction / Construction

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