The doseBadge4 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Manufactured by Cirrus Research

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The Original doseBadge noise dosimeter is a wireless personal sound exposure meter for performing occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements of personal noise exposure.

  • The original wireless personal dose meter
  • IEC 61252 and ANSI S1.25 Personal Sound Exposure Meter Standards
  • Dual channel instrument
  • LAeq, LCpeak and exposure value parameters
  • Tough, robust metal case perfect for working environments
  • Free NoiseTools software for analysis and reporting

The doseBadge noise dosimeter system is the perfect solution for measuring a worker’s noise dose exposure. The badge is small and light, with no cable or controls and mounts comfortably on the worker’s shoulder. The dosimeter is then left on the worker, storing details about the noise levels throughout the day.

The doseBadge has no controls or display and all control is over the infra-red link to the Reader.  The doseBadge case is a lightweight alloy, giving added strength to the already strong cone shape.

The Original doseBadge noise dosimeter is a dual-channel instrument that will measure, store, and calculate the parameters essential for compliance with occupational noise regulations.

These include LAeq, LCPeak & LEP,d and % Dose, LAVG & TWA. Along with these overall values, the Original doseBadge will store a Time History, or Noise Profile, throughout the measurement, for both channels.

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Cirrus Research

Environment / Safety Equipment

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