The Intrinsically Safe doseBadge

Manufactured by Cirrus Research

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The Intrinsically Safe doseBadge Noise Dosimeter carries all the benefits of the original doseBadge Noise Dosimeter, with the advantage of also carrying intrinsically safe Certification, and is ideal for monitoring personal noise exposure in hazardous zones and explosive atmospheres.

  • UKEX, ATEX, EEx, FM & SIMTARS Intrinsic Safety
  • MSHA Intrinsic Safety (CR:112AIS version)
  • All the same benefits and features of the Original doseBadge
  • Ideal for use in Petrochemical, Mining and Confined Spaces
  • High level of protection with a rugged, robust design

The Intrinsically Safe doseBadge Noise Dosimeter is a wireless personal noise dosimeter with added intrinsically safe Certification that will measure, store, and calculate personal noise exposure for your workers.

This instrument can be used in hazardous zones, for example underground mines, petrochemical plants and other areas that require safe measurement equipment.

With all the features and benefits of the Original doseBadge Noise Dosimeter, such as no cables, control or displays, and the added intrinsically safe Certification, the dosebadge noise dosimeter is perfect for a number of different applications.

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Cirrus Research

Environment / Safety Equipment

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