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For consistent aesthetics, reliability, durability and onsite maintenance, look no further than the Reliaboll traffic bollard range from Pudsey Diamond. All the Reliaboll range of bollards are engineered to exceed all of the relevant standards.

An award winning solar-powered self-righting bollard, with long-life batteries installed below ground level for reliability and durability, even after impacts. 

The Flexaboll makes knock-downs quick, easy, and economical to solve, as the detachable rubber base can be retained, with only the top in need of replacement. With the recent changes in legislation to de-illumination of bollards, the Flexaboll serves as an ideal solution that is built to last. 

A high quality retro-reflective, self-righting bollard, moulded with no mechanical parts for ultimate flexibility and damage resistance. Multiple mounting options to easily fix to existing bases. 

Design flexibility in a bollard! With i-boll you customise the bollard to your own specification, from no cladding, through single sided and with a range of cladding options. Once you have the bollard design that works best for your street scene, i-boll's sign face can be illuminated using the well proven Powaboll and Solaboll driver units. 

Providing the perfect solution to illuminating and de-illuminating! Taking the proven robustness of the Visaboll shell, Glowboll is manufactured from an innovative translucent material. Glowboll can be retro fitted to any existing base light unit and should Glowboll be de-illuminated at a later date, you will have a fully compliant retro-reflective self-righting bollards in situ. 

A very low electrical consumption (less than 50p a year) self-righting bollard for new and retro-fit installation. Powaboll can be maintained and repaired on site using the Testaboll fault diagnosis unit for minimal disruption. 

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Pudsey Diamond Engineering Limited

Building & Construction / Lighting

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