UJK 50mm Guide Dog

Manufactured by Axminster Tools

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Supplied as a pair, these stainless steel UJK 50mm Guide Dogs fit exactly into the 20mm holes of the UJK multifunction workbench. They are compatible with the Festool MFT/3 tabletop and similar grid tables with chamfered 20mm holes.

CNC machined from 303-grade stainless steel, as the name implies the Guide Dog projects 50mm above the surface. At 20mm diameter, these are ideal for use with guide rails or used as additional stops in conjunction with Super Dogs. These 50mm Guide Dogs are fully compatible with many UJK Multifunction Bench accessories.

The Dogs have a machined stop collar, which prevents them falling through the table. This stop collar fits into a chamfer around the dog hole and provides a register, guaranteeing the dog sits perpendicular to the work surface and ensures a flush fit at the base. A UJK Chamfer Cutter is available to modify tables with plain holes, or you can use a router with a bevel cutter to create a slight chamfer.

When used in pairs the precision fit of the Guide Dog is perfect for fixing other items or jigs with corresponding 20mm holes.

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Axminster Tools

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