UJK Parf Mk II Guide System

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Do you want to create a custom-made bench top? Or a portable cutting board? Perhaps a replacement MFT top? With the UJK Parf Mk II Guide System, you can do all of this and more. The versatile jig system allows you to make a simple configuration in less than 30 minutes whenever the need arises. It may appear complicated at first sight; in reality, it is quite straightforward with highly accurate results easily achievable.

Based on Pythagoras' theorem, it helps to produce a bench top with an accurate pattern of 20mm holes. When used with a set of UJK Super Dogs, a guide rail and a track saw, it guarantees perfect, quick and easy 45° and 90° cuts every time. The UJK Parf Mk II Guide System is an invaluable tool for professional trades and home workshops.

Most importantly accuracy is assured and this jig will not allow for cumulative errors due to the way it works.

The design of the UJK Parf Mk II Guide System preserves and guarantees the long-term accuracy of the jig as well as improving the ease of use.

The Parf Mk II Guide System uses 2 x Mk II Parf sticks along with a drill guide and a special 3mm drill bit to create rows and columns of holes at perfect right angles.

The accuracy of the system is dependent on the very tight tolerance of the holes in the Parf stick. The Mk II drill guides locate positively into holes in the UJK Mk II Parf Stick. The guides feature an oilite bush to guide the Mk II 3mm drill bit. This design prevents any possibility of wear or elongation of these vital holes as a result of repeated use. Additional holes in the Mk II sticks offer the possibility of drilling intermediate holes at 32mm or 48mm centres or holes at predetermined angles other than 90°. The Parf sticks have a metric scale along one edge so that they may have other uses in the workshop.

Once the pattern of 3mm holes is complete, use the Parf guide block and 20mm boring bit to enlarge the holes and your bench top is finished and ready to take bench dogs.

The complete UJK Parf Mk II Guide System comprises 2 x 1m long Mk II Parf sticks, with holes along their length at 96mm centres; 2 x Mk II drill guides, a Mk II 3mm drill bit and 3 x Mk II guide pins. An extractor outlet, guide block, along with a pair of UJK low profile dogs and a special 20mm TC drill bit with a 3mm centre guide are also included. Please note: 3/4" cutter is not available.

The UJK Parf Mk II Guide System is a collaboration between Axminster Tools and Peter Parfitt. Manufacturing of the system takes place entirely in Axminster, Devon under the UJK brand name.

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