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The Tooth Gloss boasts a stylish and compact design, rendering it conveniently portable.

This classic tooth gloss can not only enhance your teeth whiteness but also provides whitening, sensitivity reduction, and remineralization benefits.

Get glossed with your private label high definition Tooth Gloss.

Our Tooth Gloss adds shine, high definition and brightness to the surface of each tooth, enhancing whitening results and freshening breath with a revitalising minty flavour. The Tooth Gloss boasts a stylish and compact design, rendering it conveniently portable.

Our state-of-the-art whitening gel is made in our UK based facility, incorporating premium dental-grade ingredients. This formulation was developed by Dr Martin Giniger, the Chief Scientist for Colgate who invented Colgate Total and Phillips Zoom, the most prolifically used treatment in-clinic.

Elevate shine: Tooth Gloss enhances the shine of your teeth, promoting a brighter smile effortlessly.
Protect your smile: Infused with protective ingredients, our Tooth Gloss forms a defensive film on your teeth, guarding against stains from food and beverages.
User-friendly: Designed for simplicity, Tooth Gloss is easy to use. Apply it to your teeth for a swift boost in shine.
Safe and Gentle: Tooth Gloss is free from harmful substances, ensuring suitability for everyone without any adverse effects.
Cost-effective: In comparison to professional teeth whitening services, our Tooth Gloss offers a more economical option, delivering results in the comfort of your home.

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