Tratos | World Class Manufacturing

Made in Britain Member since 2016, Tratos are exemplary in everything they do, including being a part of the #1000makers network. The team have been delivering global cable solutions and unrivalled engineering expertise since 1966 with factories in Italy, UK and Brazil. As well as hosting the MiB Marketing Workshop in May 2018, Tratos have linked MiB to their Safer Structures campaign and make frequent contributions to MiB's social media. 

Deeply ingrained in Tratos’ culture is its commitment to exceptionally high standards. The company’s competitive strength is a result of its focus on innovation, along with skills, expertise, clear objectives, dedicated staff and offices across the globe to maintain direct contact with its customers.


Tratos is as serious about the environment and its impact on it, the people who contribute to the business and the people outside it in the communities that will benefit from the local economy uplift around the company’s factories. Tratos is particularly interested in finding factory bases in areas where it will have a positive effect – bringing much needed work. The company aims to ensure all its factories and people maintain its mission to support local economies and create jobs delivering high quality products.

While Tratos is a technology and innovation-led business, its strength lies in its focus on people. Its culture is defined by people. It is committed to the continual development of its people and prefers to work closely with customers. A family-owned business, Tratos is always looking for original thinking and values different and fresh perspectives that enrich the company.