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DCO Systems Limited
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DCO Systems Limited

DCO Systems Limited design and manufacture energy and efficiency monitoring solutions for industrial and commercial steam users worldwide. We ensure that our clients can optimise their use of the leading energy efficiency systems that offer fuel savings up to 30% and capture of up to 80% of wasted energy.

We provide monitoring and analysis of the whole system through steam generation, consumption and (condensate) collection. We enable targeted improvements to improve performance and minimise the need for manual intervention and monitoring by staff.

 A whole system view allows monitoring of process and equipment performance; including downtime, long-term performance trends and predicted maintenance. Detailed analytics enable our client to calculate the financial benefit of equipment renewal for investment business cases. The optimisation of these systems and the deployment of Engineers can deliver significant financial and environmental benefits.

Our mission is to deliver unique solutions and new capabilities to our customers.

Our focus is the opportunity offered by fusing connected computing technology with industrial products and engineering.

Our aim is to demonstrate how our products and services solve problems in our customers’ environments – from the common and every day to the most sophisticated and bespoke industrial process. We approach this in a unique way, redefining what is possible and what is affordable. We want our products and services to speak for themselves.

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