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DCO Systems Limited

About us
We provide energy harvesting equipment sensors and software that enable industry to implement or upgrade and extend existing monitoring efforts. Offering an affordable investment in digital technology, our simplified monitoring solutions are easily installed or retrofitted to equipment.  

Our equipment sensors feature energy harvesting technology and power themselves using waste energy found in heat, vibration and light. They are battery-free, maintenance-free and can be up and running within minutes, eliminating the need for an electrician to install them.

Leaving behind manual data gathering, engineers can remotely monitor heat exchangers, actuators, motors, air handlers, heat recovery units, steam traps, boilers and pipework. Our monitoring solutions are ideal for engineer’s overseeing multiple plants, off-site locations and locations with little infrastructure or access. With continuous, real-time monitoring, our sensing solutions provide engineers with a more detailed, bigger picture of their process. 

Versatile and compact, our wireless sensors enable affordable monitoring of an entire system, collecting and storing real-time data and delivering immediate reports, alerts and notifications to engineers and factory managers. Data collected can be viewed by engineers on any smart device, anytime, anywhere.  

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