Co-cre8 succeeds in gaining membership to Made in Britain 

CO-CRE8 is one of the UK’s leading practitioners in creating and implementing circular systems and is the first company to combine a simple method of recycling with a point of communication. Co-cre8 has now succeeded in gaining membership to the Made in Britain organisation.

Co-cre8 told Made in Britain, that it is aware from its many years of experience in designing and implementing recycling programmes that the success of any circular system is directly linked to the point of contact with the consumer. To encourage the move to widespread adoption of more circular materials Co-cre8 say that there must first be a need for the product being made and the proposed material (made from waste) must be fit for purpose.  The product also needs to meet the quality and cost of existing products and Co-cre8 believe that its products exceed quality tests. 

The company is also aware of the important role of the design of its products and all its range of recycling and reuse infrastructure can be fully branded to fit in with any environment, meaning they can be placed front-of-house, where segregation of materials can be done at source by end-users. Co-cre8 say it can even manufacture the infrastructure from the materials they are designed to collect!

Peter Goodwin, co-founder of Co-cre8, told Made in Britain, “Recycling and reuse is much more efficient when they are based on local material loops, and is fundamental to the ethos of our business. This means that the materials collected can be recycled into new products locally which, in turn, creates further job opportunities. We are now the first company to successfully marry up aesthetically pleasing designs with functional products that will help promote the circular economy. In addition, all of our UK designed and manufactured products will display the Made in Britain mark that will also promote local employment, local material loops and the UK green economy.”

The company will be using the official Made in Britain mark on all of its products and on its sales collateral and website, together with explanation of what the mark means and why it’s important that we Co-cre8 is supporting it. Find out more about Co-cre8 from its members’ directory profile page here and its website here





By Made in Britain 5 months ago | Members' news

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