Coffee Logs & Ora feature at Enterprise Nation #startup2017

The Design Trust Director Patricia van den Akker  and Made in Britain CEO John Pearce were centre stage at the lively panel discussion and Q&A “How to start a Handmade Business” with 100s of new SMEs and Startups. The event was part of this year’s Enterprise Nation #Startup2017 at KPMG HQ in Canary Wharf, London on Saturday, 14th January.  Delegates were told the success stories of two Made in Britain members, Coffee Log makers, bio-bean and Ora Kitchen Towels pioneers Better All Round, about what makes success in manufacturing now and how design excellence is crucial to make your new product stand out from the competition.   


We spoke to Enterprise Nation Founder Emma Jones about making in Britain: “It’s important that manufacturing in Britain is explained properly to new businesses as the risk set and lead times for start-ups can vary enormously and are quite different to other sectors. They need as much information as possible to be able to make important decisions about outsourcing production. We were delighted to see so many future entrepreneurs and members attending Saturday's epic event, taking advantage of the on-tap advice from Enterprise Nation experts and our partners.”  


"We were thrilled the Made in Britain team showcased our new Coffee Logs at #Startup2017 - and it was great to hear about some of the exciting UK businesses which attended the event,” said Bio-Bean innovator, George May who is keen to see the new, carbon neutral logs made from waste coffee grinds promoted to other new businesses and entrepreneurs. 

You can purchase Ora Kitchen Towels directly from their website or at TESCO.

You can purchase Coffee Logs here and find out more about bio-bean here.


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