Dewhurst moving up with Green Growth

We know that the challenges facing manufacturing are not insurmountable because we have seen so many stories this year of businesses that have thrived, despite the threatening market conditions.
There is a growing appetite for manufacturers to embrace sustainable business and Made in Britain’s Green Growth Assessment has provided their business with a benchmark, so they can better understand the progress they have made in their sustainability journey.
One such company that has embraced the Green Growth Assessment is Dewhurst, manufacturers of a range of products for lifts, including pushbuttons, lift identifiers, and bespoke signalisation fixtures.
Head of Commercial Operations, Peter Dewhurst, says: “The green growth programme has been very valuable in helping Dewhurst shape the strategy for our sustainability programme. It has also been a great platform to gain insights and network with other Made in Britain members. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey I would recommend getting involved with the programme.”
You can empower your business by joining the Made in Britain Green Growth programme. The service is free to all Made in Britain members via their Member Profile and is completely confidential.

By Made in Britain 2 weeks ago | Made in Britain news

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