Diaber Enhances Glass Recycling Process with Russell Finex Separator™

Diaber, a Belgian company specializing in industrial tools and minerals, has optimized its glass recycling process with the help of the Russell Finex Separator™. Diaber uses Reglass Glasgrit, a product made from recycled materials, as a media in its sandblasting machines. To ensure optimal performance, the glass grit must have a defined particle size range without oversized or undersized grains.

Previously, Diaber relied on sieves and separators to remove unwanted particle sizes. However, when setting up a new production facility, they turned to Russell Finex for an efficient and cost-effective solution. The Finex Separator™ proved to be the ideal machine for Diaber, enabling them to sieve recycled glass at a high capacity before cleaning, grinding, and packaging. This upgrade improved productivity and cost-effectiveness compared to outsourcing the glass sieving process.

With the Finex Separator™, processing 2-3 tonnes of glass per hour, outperforms traditional separators by reducing sieving time and effectively removing contamination. Moreover, the need for off-site transportation of glass for processing was eliminated, minimizing production downtime.

The Finex Separator™ is available in various sizes to accommodate different production requirements and can grade both wet and dry materials. It is designed to enhance product quality and improve production rates, streamlining the overall process.

Russell Finex, established in 1934, is a leading global provider of innovative industrial sieving and filtration solutions across multiple industries. To enhance your productivity, contact Russell Finex today and speak to an experienced sales engineer.

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