Electronic Temperature Instruments gains ‘Critical Supplier’ status in the fight against COVID-19

The UK’s largest digital thermometer manufacturer and exporter of electronic thermometers and temperature probes continues to supply NHS food services and supermarkets

With ‘Critical Supplier’ status, Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) remains open for business and is playing a pivotal role in supplying key industries within the food chain throughout this national crisis. It is currently providing the NHS food service, supermarkets, food processing and public sector catering with its range of food and food processing thermometers. Additionally, ETI is also providing the NHS with a regular supply of food grade antibacterial wipes which are suitable for catering and effective against a wide range of bacteria.

By doing so, the company is helping these vital and under-pressure industry sectors comply with food safety law throughout COVID-19 and beyond by ensuring all food cooked, served, and sold is safe for public consumption.

Founded over 35-years ago, Peter Webb, ETI founder and managing director says the company has a strong social responsibility, particularly during unprecedented times like this. He comments: “The food and beverage products are essential items for businesses and families across the UK. It’s during times like this where we come together as an organisation and our purpose and values are underlined.”

Webb also highlights that now is not the time for a wave of food poisoning cases on our already stretched NHS and that food safety, both at home and throughout the supply chain, has never been so critical.

Peter Webb comments: “We are proud to be flying the flag by continuing to operate and serving the NHS and other critical food suppliers. However, never before has food safety, hygiene and temperature monitoring been so paramount. It is under the microscope both at home and within business, particularly supermarkets and food stores who are under mounting pressure to ensure shelves are stacked to cater for the increasing consumer demand. Even the correct lighting of and the cooking of a BBQ at home is now essential. The last thing anyone needs, particularly the NHS, is a wave of serious food poisoning cases, which is frequently caused by bacteria from foods which have been incorrectly stored, prepared, handled or cooked. 

“Whilst we continue to social distance and comply with new rules outside of our homes, we also need to ensure we are taking responsibility when it comes to food safety.”

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